Cat Grooming

Cats have a unique psychology that make them a challenge for most groomers, but I have made them my career specialty.  In 2011 I attended the National Cat Groomer’s Institute cat grooming school.  There, I passed the extensive practical and written testing to become the first and only Certified Feline Master Groomer in the state of Missouri.  Now, cat grooming is my daily focus!


Himalayan cat grooming by Stephaney Kemper, CFMG

I currently offer cat grooming services out of Pet Supplies Plus in Warson Woods, in St Louis, MO.

If you want a groomer who comes to you, I have an upcoming surprise for you!


In Practice…

I believe in a more holistic approach to cat grooming that puts the cats’ safety and comfort above all else.  Cats can be quite sensitive, and I do my best to make your cat’s grooming experience as pleasant as possible while still getting the job done.  Using minimal restraint, I rely on experience and hands on compassion to keep cats’ stress low and achieve an expert finish.  

Calico long haired cat grooming by Stephaney Kemper, CFMG


Ideally, all cats receive a full service bath and blow dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and thorough brush out.  Breed style trimming and custom haircuts, as well as shedding treatments, teeth brushing, and nail caps, are available upon request.  Your cat will come home looking and feeling her best!

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