So, what is “house call” grooming?

House call grooming is a specialized service very different from other grooming business models.  I do not have a building for you to bring your pet to, nor do I have a mobile grooming van or trailer.

I come to you, and I bring my pet grooming equipment into your home. I use an agreed upon space to groom your pet in her own environment.  I clean up any mess created in the process, and leave with your space and your pet both cleaner and happier!


What’s so great about that?

Great question, future client!  There are a lot of benefits but I’ll list just a few:

  • It reduces stress for you! You can watch your pet be groomed from start to finish and know they are cared for by getting to know me, your groomer, in the process.
  • It greatly reduces stress for your pet! No travel, no cages, no unusual sounds or smells, and the same familiar groomer every time.
  • It is safer and healthier! There is no exposure to other pets or contagious health issues such as kennel cough or fleas, and all equipment is cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected according to CDC and EPA guidelines, as well as grooming industry recommendations.
  • It is more convenient! I come to you and save you the hassle of packing up your pet for the car ride.
  • It is a specialized service that allows us to truly cater to your pet’s safety and comfort!


I believe in happy, healthy pets, so the choice is obvious!

But where do you work?

Remember, I come into your home to groom your pet.  I bring all necessary tools, but I need a large sink, utility tub, or bathtub to bathe your pet in, and a low-traffic indoor space such as a bathroom or kitchen to set up to groom your pet.  I do not groom pets outside.


That sounds messy…

Not as messy as you’d think, actually, so not to worry!  I do clean up after myself.  It is part of the service!  I clean all surfaces and vacuum all the hair, following all EPA Green Cleaning guidelines for all my after-groom cleanup.

And who is this person I’ll be letting into my home?

I’m Stephaney!  I am a professional pet stylist who has worked in the pet industry since 2005 with several industry memberships and earned certifications.  I love house call grooming specifically because I truly believe it is the best set up to give the pet, pet owner, and groomer the very best experience.  I will always be the groomer taking care of your furbaby.  You can get to know me better here!


I don’t know…

Hey, I know it’s a big decision.  That’s why I stand by every service I perform with a guarantee, and that’s why I’m insured for your protection.


I give in! Are you accepting new clients?

I sure am!  Clients with small pets under 20 lbs are welcome to call, text, or email and make an appointment!  I take appointments Monday through Thursday, as early as 10 am and as late as 4 pm.  How long your pet’s appointment takes will vary depending on the type of pet and the desired services.  I usually have appointments available within two weeks, so give me a call!