House call pet grooming is… different.  It’s a very personalized service where your pet is groomed, one on one, in the comfort of your own home.  Read the FAQ to find out more.


It’s great, but it’s not for everyone.


I’m great, but my services are not for everyone.


So let’s get some basics out of the way…

  • I service most of the greater St Louis area.
  • I come into your home to groom your pet. No shop, no van.
  • I only groom dogs and cats weighing 20 lbs or less.
  • Clients are encouraged to be on a 1 to 8 week appointment schedule.
  • Appointments are available Monday through Thursday, between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • New clients will be required to sign a policy and release form, which you can view here.
  • I don’t service homes or facilities where indoor smoking is practiced.


 If that all sounds good to you,

call or text me at (314) 827-1151!




I want your pet to have the most pleasant grooming experience possible.  After all, a happy pet is a happy groomer!  So I take my time, and customize each service to each pet.  Nothing will be forced, treats and love will be given liberally, and pets will be pampered so that, each time, they are excited to see me!



Every Bath & Tidy service includes:


Massaging Bath with Shampoo and Conditioner

Fluff Blow Dry

Thorough Brushing & De-Shedding

Nail Trimming and Filing

Ear Cleaning

Paw Balm

Sanitary Clipping of Potty Area

Trimming Around Eyes and Paws

Bows, Bandana, and/or Nail Polish

Love & Treats!


A Full Service Groom also includes:


Full Body Trimming or Haircut






Pricing can vary depending on a lot of things: the pet’s breed, size, age, coat condition, services, temperament, and frequency of grooming… but generally speaking, prices fall into the following ranges:



Bath & Tidy ranges from $50 to $65

Full Service Groom ranges from $70 to $85



Bath & Tidy ranges from $75 to $90

Full Service Groom ranges from $95 to $115


** Prices are subject to vary per individual pet and services desired. **

** Pets groomed less often than every 8 weeks may be subject to additional fees. **



Nail Caps

A partial or full set of nail caps can be applied for an additional $25-$35 per pet.  Price varies depending on how many paws will get nail caps, as well as behavior of the pet.  Depending on the pet, nail caps should last several weeks.  Please let me know when you make an appointment if you would like this service, and what color nail caps are preferred.



To protect other clients as well as my own pets, I do not service households with a current flea infestation.  Clients will need to address the flea problem first before any appointments are made.  If fleas are discovered during the course of a grooming, an additional $30 fee will apply per pet.